Through my lens (part 1)

These are scenes of life in Mantasoa. I have been living and working in this community since arriving in Madagascar. It is also home to the Peace Corps Training Center (PCTC), where a large portion of my training has taken place.


20140816-140853-50933884.jpg On the final night of living with my host family and I made mini hamburgers for dinner

20140816-140852-50932639.jpg My bedroom in my host family’s house

20140816-140853-50933089.jpg The old house of Jean LaBorde, former French magistrate of southern Madagascar during the early part of colonization

20140816-140853-50933436.jpg Me with two of my host sisters and a couple of their cousins

20140816-141823-51503712.jpg Commune of Mantasoa, equivalent to a town hall and community meeting space

20140816-141824-51504696.jpg Lake Mantasoa, where the PCTC and other vacation resorts are located


20140816-141822-51502728.jpg Buying snacks in an épicerie, equivalent to a convenience store






1 thought on “Through my lens (part 1)

  1. Good to see your face. You look happy and healthy. Thanks for sharing photos of the community and countryside. I owe you some photos/video from home. Much Love, DAD

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