New books for Andapa Public Library

I’m very excited to share the news that the Andapa Public Library recently received a very generous donation of English books from America! The books will be used by many of the students to practice English and increase their knowledge of many different subjects.

The donation of roughly 40 books arrived in late December 2014. Some of the genres included science, children’s fiction, health, environmental issues, and general interest books. The students especially enjoyed the dictionaries that were included in the package. Because many of the students also speak French, having a French-English dictionary is very helpful for them. When students have free time, they often come to the Library and just read the dictionary to expand their vocabulary.

The donation was an extremely generous gift from Al and Sandy Scharff of California. The students and I cannot thank them enough for the warm thoughts and energy that they took to send the package of books. The Andapa Public Library is happy to add these books to it’s already robust collection of more than 600 books.

IMG_0932Students proudly displaying the new books for the Andapa Public Library