Behind my smile

One day will come, maybe soon
And this day will be new and unfamiliar,
At least parts of it will be,
And maybe this day will happen over again
And at different times and places

I recall the clanking of the metal latch
On the bottom of my window
Like a forgotten treasure chest
That hasn’t been disturbed for generations
The window swings open and the day begins

I recall walking into the market
To join the bustling commerce of the morning
There’s something happening here
Maybe it’s not always significant, but maybe it is
A jarring embrace from the community
As I stand, I am connected to it

I recall the rain drops slipping off the roof
A free fall of a few meters
Into the uniquely shaped puddles
Carved out by a barrage of Nature’s purest love
The splashes echo in just the right way
To calm even the most ambitious of intentions

I recall the peculiarity of my dearest friend
Clearing his throat intentionally to announce himself
My response is to clear my own throat
And we engage in this dance for a few moments
To let each other know it’s safe to talk

I recall the security of my house
A physical extension of myself
A place to return to and seek refuge, to feel sane
To shut out the world, when needed
And to welcome it in, when warranted
To work, to play, to eat, to share, to learn

I recall the grand views of this corner of the world
The proud and solitary hill framed by my window
The daunting and strong mountains hugging our town
The lush forest, once far thicker and healthier
The vast fields where joyful families toil for a living

I recall the man I was
Unsure of what to do or what to say
Uneasy about navigating the new realities
Curious about strange, yet still familiar, surroundings
Ready, but nothing could prepare for a transformation

When this day comes, and surely it will
Reflections from the past will comfort me
Wisdom will guide me forward
Understanding will motivate me
I smile because I have lived here



5 thoughts on “Behind my smile

  1. Such insight for one so young, it feels like you have an “ole” soul. God bless you. from your Auntie, Myra

  2. Well done MK. Auntie Myra said it well here.

    I know we didn’t see each other much but I already feel your absence from the SAVA region… Please keep blogging! Keep in touch. -Joey Moscovitch

  3. Beautiful. Let us all strive for a “some day soon” where we shall live in peace with (and tolerance of ) one another. Where the simple joys of nature will calm our souls and ease our minds. Education and knowledge shall carry the day. Thank you for the prose that helps reminds us all that we are Human Being(S) of a collective group designed to interact with one another.
    You are a beautiful soul my son. Love DAD

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