The thunder crashes loudly
And the rain pelts the roof
The noise builds a crescendo
But what is there to prove?
A flash of lightning first
Then the pounding boom
What once was light and useful
Is now sitting dark in my room
The drops of water falling
On the tin roof of the shed
Over and over they pester me
As I lie sleepless in my bed
Nature displaying her fury
An empty threat is all she shows
For what good is the thunder
If after a while, it simply goes?
The rain and wind are fleeting
They are temporary things
And when the weather clears
I’ll be able to unfurl my wings

During a recent thunderstorm that kept me awake for most of the night, I was inspired to start writing poetry. It’s a writing style that I’m not very well versed in, but I felt I could best express my feelings in a more abstract way.

What I learned from the storm and from reflecting on my emotions was that despite obstacles or distractions in our lives, we should be mindful of the greater goals and duties that we each have. The peripheral grab for our attention can sometimes feel overwhelming. The thunder can be startling or frightening, like a sudden change of plans or unforeseen event. The rain can be noisy, persistent, and downright annoying, like the criticism or nagging of other people. And like the thunder and rain, these things are temporary. So when the path to our goals becomes clear and focused again, we can pursue it with the attention and passion that it deserves.

May you find focus and clarity, even among the thunderstorms of life.